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Immediate Halt all planned road closures/changes to road uses within the borough

We the undersigned petition the council to immediately halt all planned road closures/changes to road uses within the borough. The residents & road users ( Including Commuters, Carers, Travellers, Family, Friends, Volunteers and Public Transport drivers) of London Borough Of Merton request that all planned road closures / changes of use (Including no-entry / no right/left turns) within the borough are stopped. We have not been consulted and in many cases we do not want or need them

The planned closures go against the widely publicised objectives of a greener, safer, easier to travel borough. The proposals have been shown to cause longer journeys for everyone, increased pollution, more difficult journeys for those with disabilities/the elderly or who those care for those who are elderly or disabled (those who rely on vehicles as only mode of transportation).
There has been little or no consultation / conversation with the actual residents or those who travel / work in the borough re:
* Objectives for the scheme
* Maps of all impacted areas to all residents affected
* Evidence based data on traffic impact in roads in question.
* Impact assessments & risk assessments for residents * conversation with and risk assessments from London Fire services, the police and St John’s Ambulance
*Success criteria & measurements pre & post trials

We are also haven't been informed who is to be responsible for any accidents resulting directly as a result of the implementation of these road closures/usage amends.

This ePetition ran from 08/09/2020 to 22/12/2020 and has now finished.

985 people signed this ePetition.

Council response

Due to the need to tackle additional congestion created as a result of COVID-19 the Government required local councils, like Merton, to introduce Low Traffic Neighbourhood and School Street schemes under emergency / Temporary Orders. Merton chose to introduce its measures under Experimental Traffic Orders. This means a consultation begins following the temporary installation of schemes, and the consultation will remain open for 6 months so that members of the public more specifically our residents can provide informed feedback on their experience.

After the consultations close these schemes will be reviewed and all feedback will be considered before making a final decision that could include either making it permanent, amending it or removing it. You can find out about the consultations and have your say at

For all future schemes we intend to consult residents on proposals prior to any installation.