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Forward plan

Merton's Forward Plan sets out all the key decisions that are due to be taken by the council

A key decision is an Executive decision which is likely
a) to result in Merton Council incurring expenditure which is, or the making of savings which are, significant having regard to the Council’s budget for the service or function to which the decision relates; or
b) expenditure valued at £500,000 or above; or
c) to be significant in terms of its effects on communities and groups of service users living or working in an area comprising one or more wards or electoral divisions in Merton Council; or
d) to amend the agreed budget and policy framework.

Forward plan
Title Date Effective from Call-ins
Proposed MTC1 CPZ Love Lane Area - Statutory Consultation ref: 71718/03/201923/03/20190
Mitcham Area Phase 3 – 20MPH Speed Limit ref: 71325/02/201901/03/2019Call-in expired
Proposed MTC2 CPZ - Commonside East and Hallowell Close - Statutory Consultation ref: 70618/01/201925/01/2019Call-in expired
Lavender Grove - Proposed LF CPZ - Informal Consultation ref: 69411/01/201918/01/2019Call-in expired
Proposed Waiting Restrictions Borough Wide 2018 Batch 4 (Statutory Consultation) ref: 69114/01/201918/01/2019Call-in expired
Avenue Road area - Proposed LT CPZ - Informal Consultation ref: 69011/01/201918/01/2019Call-in expired
Electric Charging Points ref: 68914/01/201918/01/2019Call-in expired
Proposed Waiting Restrictions Borough Wide 2018 Batch 3 (Statutory Consultation) ref: 68819/12/201829/12/2018Call-in expired
Proposed MTC1 CPZ Love Lane area - informal consultation ref: 67315/11/201822/11/2018Call-in expired
Proposed VSW1 CPZ extension in Cottenham Drive, Cottenham Place and High Cedar Drive - statutory consultation ref: 65631/10/201806/11/2018Call-in expired
Pollards Hill and Longthornton Area - 20mph Speed Limit ref: 65531/10/201806/11/2018Call-in expired
Errol Gardens, Barnard Gardens and Belmont Avenue waiting restriction - Statutory Consultation ref: 65429/10/201802/11/2018Call-in expired
Proposed RPC CPZ extension Orchard Lane –Statutory consultation. ref: 65322/10/201826/10/2018Call-in expired
Proposed SW1 CPZ (Rodney Place) - Statutory Consultation ref: 64112/10/201819/10/2018Call-in expired
Proposed GC2 CPZ extension Framfield Road –Statutory consultation ref: 64015/10/201819/10/2018Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions in Cricket Green, Mitcham (statutory consultation) ref: 63908/10/201812/10/2018Call-in expired
Church Road and High Street, Wimbledon Village - 20MPH Speed Limit ref: 62812/09/201818/09/2018Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide 2018 Batch 2 (statutory consultation) ref: 62603/09/201807/09/2018Call-in expired
Galpins Road - Road Safety Improvement ref: 62523/08/201831/08/2018Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide 2018 Batch 1 (statutory consultation) ref: 62321/08/201825/08/2018Call-in expired
Commonside East and Hallowell Close - Proposed MTC2 CPZ - Informal consultation. ref: 62106/08/201811/08/2018Call-in expired
Rodney Place - Proposed SW1 CPZ - Informal Consultation ref: 60830/07/201803/08/2018Call-in expired
Church Hill and Lake Road - School Road Safety Improvement ref: 60503/07/201807/07/2018Call-in expired
Proposed Disabled Parking Bays - 10 Southdown Road, Raynes Park; 12 Adela Avenue, New Malden and 14 Octavia Close Mitcham ref: 59418/06/201826/06/2018Call-in expired
Proposed RPW CPZ Holland Avenue area - Statutory Consultation ref: 58604/05/201811/05/2018Call-in expired
Proposed Electric Vehicle charge points Borough wide - Statutory Consultation ref: 58504/05/201811/05/2018Call-in expired
Proposed GC2 CPZ St Barnabas Road area - Statutory Consultation ref: 58404/05/201811/05/2018Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions in Croxden Walk and Faversham Road (statutory consultation) ref: 58304/05/201811/05/2018Call-in expired
Proposed VSW1 CPZ Wool Road Area - Formal Consultation ref: 58019/03/201824/03/2018Call-in expired
Proposed VNS CPZ Wool Road Area – Formal Consultation ref: 57519/02/201824/02/2018Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions in Deer Park Gardens - statutory consultation ref: 56315/02/201821/02/2018Call-in expired
Proposed VNS CPZ Newstead Way & Somerset Road – formal consultation. ref: 56215/02/201821/02/2018Call-in expired
Cavendish Avenue Area Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) statutory Consultation ref: 56115/02/201821/02/2018Call-in expired
Proposed VSW2 CPZ - Thurstan Road area – formal consultation. ref: 56015/02/201821/02/2018Call-in expired
Proposed MP1 CPZ extension Watery Lane - Statutory Consultation ref: 55915/02/201821/02/2018Call-in expired
Proposed M2 Ext CPZ (Farm Road and Faversham Road and yellow lines - Statutory Consultation) ref: 54121/12/201730/12/2017Call-in expired
Proposed GC2 CPZ (St Barnabus Road Area) - informal consultation ref: 54020/12/201728/12/2017Call-in expired
Beddington Lane - Proposed Shared Use Path and Carriageway Widening ref: 53920/12/201728/12/2017Call-in expired
Winter Service Operational Plan 2017-18 ref: 52311/12/201715/12/2017Call-in expired
Willow Lane Business Estate Parking Management - statutory consultation report ref: 52230/11/201706/12/2017Call-in expired
Proposed RPW CPZ (Holland Avenue area, Raynes Park) - Statutory consultation ref: 52115/11/201722/11/2017Call-in expired
Proposed VNS CPZ Newstead Way & Somerset Road - Informal consultation. ref: 51208/11/201714/11/2017Call-in expired
Proposed VSW2 CPZ - Thurstan Road area - informal consultation ref: 51108/11/201714/11/2017Call-in expired
Proposed VSW1 CPZ the Wool Road area - informal consultation. ref: 51008/11/201714/11/2017Call-in expired
Christchurch Close CW4 & Colwood Gardens CW 5 CPZs Statutory consultation ref: 49716/10/201720/10/2017Call-in expired
W2 Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Informal Review Consultation ref: 49616/10/201720/10/2017Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide 2017 Batch 2 (statutory consultation) ref: 49509/10/201713/10/2017Call-in expired
WB2 Cavendish Avenue Area Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) Informal Consultation ref: 49321/09/201728/09/2017Call-in expired
Proposals to improve parking facilities in selected borough parks (Sir Joseph Hood Park) - statutory consultation. ref: 48615/08/201719/08/2017Call-in expired
" Proposals to improve parking facilities in selected borough parks (Wimbledon Park, Haydon's Road Recreation Ground, Abbey Road Recreation Ground and Tamworth Recreation Ground) - statutory consultation. ref: 48515/08/201719/08/2017Call-in expired
Aragon Road Proposed Safety Measures ref: 48303/07/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide Batch 1 2017 (Statutory Consultation) ref: 48203/07/201711/07/2017Call-in expired
Christchurch Close & Colwood Gardens CPZ Informal consultation ref: 47212/06/201717/06/2017Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions in Ashridge Way, Hillcross Avenue, Leamington Avenue areas - Statutory Consultation Report ref: 46416/05/201724/05/2017Call-in expired
Proposed MP2 CPZ Cannon Hill area - Statutory Consultation ref: 46117/05/201724/05/2017Call-in expired
Proposed M4 CPZ Canterbury Road area - Informal Consultation ref: 45917/05/201724/05/2017Call-in expired
Proposed VQ CPZ Camp Road Area ref: 45812/05/201718/05/2017Call-in expired
Proposals to improve parking facilities in selected borough parks - authorisation to carry out statutory consultation ref: 45713/04/201722/04/2017Call-in expired
Proposed MP3 CPZ (Willmore End area) - Statutory Consultation ref: 45613/04/201722/04/2017Call-in expired
Floating Car Club Permit ref: 45423/03/201730/03/2017Call-in expired
Christchurch Close - Proposed waiting restrictions (statutory consultation) ref: 44607/03/201711/03/2017Call-in expired
Emissions Levy Statutory Consultation ref: 44224/02/201702/03/2017Call-in expired
Pitcairn Road - Controlled Parking Zone ref: 42808/02/201715/02/2017Call-in expired
The Quadrant - informal Consultation on proposed VQ CPZ ref: 42530/01/201704/02/2017Call-in expired
Willmore End Area - informal Consultation on Proposed MP3 CPZ ref: 42730/01/201704/02/2017Call-in expired
Balfour Road Experimental Road Closure ref: 41822/12/201630/12/2016Call-in expired
The Causeway Pay and Display and Cannizaro Road Waiting Restrictions ref: 41422/12/201630/12/2016Call-in expired
Proposed GC1 CPZ (Streatham Road) - statutory consultation ref: 41222/12/201630/12/2016Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide Batch (2) 2016 (statutory consultation) ref: 40309/12/201616/12/2016Call-in expired
Proposed MP2 CPZ - Cannon Hill Lane Area - Informal Consultation ref: 40202/12/201609/12/2016Call-in expired
Proposed Electric Vehicle Charging Points ref: 39401/11/201605/11/2016Call-in expired
Balfour Road Experimental Road Closure ref: 38419/09/201623/09/2016Call-in expired
Morden Road Proposed Taxi Rank ref: 38319/09/201623/09/2016Call-in expired
Proposed GC1 CPZ (Streatham Road area) - Informal consultation ref: 38216/09/201623/09/2016Call-in expired
Belvedere Road and Belvedere Grove Experimental Width Restriction ref: 38016/09/2016Item Called InCall-in expired
Proposed CW3 CPZ - Pitcairn Road Area ref: 37219/08/201625/08/2016Call-in expired
Proposed Rutland Drive Area Waiting Restrictions ref: 36711/08/201617/08/2016Call-in expired
Proposed MTC CPZ (Mitcham Town Centre) – statutory consultation ref: 35603/08/201610/08/2016Call-in expired
Proposed Recreation Way area waiting restrictions - statutory consultation. ref: 35501/08/201605/08/2016Call-in expired
Southey Road - Proposed Road Safety Improvement ref: 35411/07/201616/07/2016Call-in expired
Proposed Parking Management in Deer Park Road SW19 (Statutory Consultation) ref: 35308/07/201615/07/2016Call-in expired
'Rediscover Mitcham' Statutory Consultation Outcome ref: 34501/07/201607/07/2016Call-in expired
Proposed waiting restrictions borough wide Batch1 2016 (statutory consultation) ref: 34108/06/201616/06/2016Call-in expired
Reducing the Speed Limit on Croydon Road from 40mph to 30mph ref: 33429/04/201610/05/2016Call-in expired
A1 CPZ extension - Lower Down Road ref: 33319/04/201626/04/2016Call-in expired
Proposed MTC CPZ (Langdale Avenue area, Mitcham Town Centre) Informal Consultation ref: 33212/04/201620/04/2016Call-in expired
CW2 CPZ Valley Gardens Area ref: 32908/04/201616/04/2016Call-in expired
MP1 CPZ extension - Cranleigh Area ref: 33008/04/201616/04/2016Call-in expired
Proposed VSW CPZ (Chester Road Area, Wimbledon Village) - Formal Consultation ref: 29203/12/201510/12/2015Call-in expired
Baltic Close, Proposed Pedestrianisation / Improvements - Results of Formal Consultation ref: 29126/11/201503/12/2015Call-in expired
Proposed Waiting Restrictions - Weir Road area - Statutory Consultation ref: 27509/10/201520/10/2015Call-in expired
Proposed Borough Wide Waiting Restrictions - Statutory Consultation (Brickfields Road etc) ref: 27609/10/201520/10/2015Call-in expired
Proposed RPC1 CPZ (Cottenham Park Road area, Wimbledon) - statutory consultation ref: 27121/09/201526/09/2015Call-in expired
Proposed M3 CPZ (Chalgrove Avenue area, Morden) - statutory consultation ref: 27221/09/201526/09/2015Call-in expired
Proposed RPC CPZ (Melbury Gardens, Laurel Road and Coombe Lane), Raynes Park - Statutory Consultation ref: 25501/09/201508/09/2015Call-in expired
Waiting and Loading Restrictions Weir Road SW19 ref: 25129/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
M3 CPZ Chalgrove Avenue Area, Morden - Informal Consultation ref: 23128/05/201504/06/2015Call-in expired
VSW CPZ Chester Road Area, Wimbledon Village - Informal Consultation ref: 23229/05/201504/06/2015Call-in expired
New Type of permit - Market Trader Parking Permit ref: 22911/05/201515/05/2015Call-in expired
Proposed Borough Wide Waiting Restrictions - Statutory consultation ref: 22330/03/201514/04/2015Call-in expired
Chilmark Road, Mitcham - Proposed School Safety Measures ref: 19004/12/201423/12/2014Call-in expired
RPC CPZ Cambridge Road Area, Raynes Park - Statutory Consultation ref: 18904/12/201419/12/2014Call-in expired
The Wandle Bank Area CPZ ref: 18704/12/201419/12/2014Call-in expired
The Proposed borough wide waiting restrictions - Objection report ref: 18612/12/201419/12/2014Call-in expired
Wimbledon Area Traffic Scheme (Amended) ref: 17213/11/201428/11/2014Call-in expired
The Rush and the Broadway - Statutory Consultation ref: 17320/11/201428/11/2014Call-in expired
Rediscover Mitcham Fair Green - Informal consultation in relation to parking changes ref: 17110/11/201410/11/2014Not for call-in
Wimbledon Area Traffic Scheme ref: 15322/10/2014 0
Width Restriction - Ashcombe Road, SW19 ref: 8405/02/201411/02/2014Call-in expired
A1 CPZ Apostles Area, Raynes Park – formal consultation. ref: 8205/02/201411/02/2014Call-in expired
Proposed bus route extension in Victoria Road – Statutory Consultation ref: 6907/01/201411/01/2014Call-in expired
Oxford Avenue, Kingston Road, Firstway and London Road Tooting Station proposals to improve parking facilities – Statutory Consultation ref: 7007/01/201411/01/2014Call-in expired