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Action Plan arising from the Scrutiny Task Group review of Crossovers in Merton

25/05/2018 - Action Plan arising from the Scrutiny Task Group review of Crossovers in Merton



1.    That the Highways Team strengthen advice and guidance for residents who wish to implement crossovers, including design and materials, to be completed by end of July 2018.

2.    That the Merton crossover policy be reviewed to ensure it complies with plain English guidance, and will be re-written and approved by Merton User groups.

3.    That the Highways Team hold information sessions with councillors about the crossover policy. These will be arranged after the new Criterion has been agreed in June 2018

4.    That the Short Frontage depth Agreements be increased from 4.0 metres to 4.3 metres minimum and the Standard Crossover be increased from 4.5m to 4.8 metres.

5.    That the Highways Team adopt and implement effective enforcement action to tackle the rise in illegal crossovers as set out in Appendix D to the report.

6.    That the Highways Team conduct a review of fees charged for crossovers to ensure these cover the full cost of managing the service as set out in Appendix D.

7.    That the Highways Team take action to reduce parking stress caused by the rise of crossover applications in controlled parking zone areas. Parking stress measured at 2.5 permits issued per on street bays will be measured as maximum as set out in Appendix B1.

8.    That the Highways Team implement a process to manage the increase in applications for crossovers when a controlled parking zone is proposed.