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Agenda item

Planning update


Jon Dingle, Planning Consultant for Access Self-storage gave a presentation on plans for the Manuplastics site. Jon said he had been involved in the site since 2010 and the site has been empty for 10 years. There is planning permission for both self-storage and for accommodation on the site but the new scheme is different.


The new scheme is for a mix of self-storage trade counters, and offices. The building would be set back 8m from road, with space for landscaping and pavements, and 30m away from the Church. There would be one building but in two forms, lower at front, larger to rear. There would be two vehicle access points, self-storage on the left, and trade counters on right. The design will need to make sure that the site can accommodate all the vehicle access needed and this is still a work in progress.


On first floor there would be small studios and workshops for light industry. There would be offices on 2nd and 3rd floors on the front to Kingston Road. The height would be the same as residential plans previously agreed. The small offices would be for local start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises. The self-storage behind the offices will go up to five floors. The front portion will hide storage facility and add interest to an attractive frontage.


They plan to finalise scheme by early 2023, then submit planning application in late January or early February and then, all being well, start on site in about a year’s time. This scheme is more valuable than previously agreed schemes. There is high demand for self-storage and the other uses.


A resident said there are a lot of empty offices and shops in Raynes Park so queried if there really was a demand for additional office space. The resident also said they were concerned about appearance as it does not reflect an Edwardian suburb and should reflect brick-built area. Jon said the debate about design is legitimate, but it is an industrial building and the developer decided it should look like what it is. Access Self-storage is confident in take up of offices, based on demand for their existing supply. As they are new and serviced but affordable and let on a month-by-month basis so more flexible for SMEs than other sites would be.


A resident asked about the housing shortage and the need for more homes, and Jon replied that a private company owns site and wants to maximise their returns. A resident expressed concern about size and bulk of the design and Jon said that the scheme was aligned with the previously approved residential scheme, with same at size at front but not as big at the rear.


A resident asked about the impact on traffic and Jon explained that on an average day there would be around 300 vehicles, cars or small vans. The site would also be designed to be able to take HGVs, but it is likely to be no more than one a week.


A resident said that the signage needs to be discreet, and Jon said that attractive signage is integrated with the building and as the frontage is extremely important there is likely to be signage on the flank walls.


A resident asked about environmental standards including water harvesting, and solar panels. Jon said energy conservation and sustainability will be important but cannot develop these until we have a basic design to work from. These aspects will be included in the Planning Application.


The Development Control team had provided an update that Kris Witherington shared.


  • The LESSA site application has been called in by Secretary of State in October. We do not have a timetable for this process as yet.
  • The ‘Zero’ flats at bottom of Edna Road are nearing completion. There has been some pre-application advice on two sites on Kingston Road.
  • There are 11 planning enforcement cases in Raynes Park at the moment, five in relation to not following conditions of granted permission, six involve conducting work without appropriate permission.