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Agenda item

Ravensbury Estate, Morden, CR4 4DT

Application Number: 19/P1845      Ward: Ravensbury


Officer Recommendation: Grant Approval of Reserved Matters and conditions



PAC Resolved that Application 19/P1845 is:

Granted Approval of Reserved Matters and conditions


Proposal: Application for approval of reserved matters (appearance & landscaping) for Phases 2 to 4 following outline permission 17/P1718 for the regeneration of the Ravensbury Estate (on land to the west of Ravensbury Grove) comprising the demolition of all existing buildings and structures; erection of new buildings ranging from 2 to 4 storeys providing up to 180 residential units (c3 use class); provision of replacement community centre (up to 160 sqm of use class d1 floorspace); provision of new public realm, landscaping works and new lighting; cycle parking spaces (including new visitor cycle parking) and car parking spaces, together with associated highways and utilities works. Landscaping works are also proposed to the east of Ravensbury grove and along Hengelo Gardens.


The Committee noted the officers report and presentation and additional information in the Supplementary Agenda – Modifications. The Committee noted that the proposal before them was for  reserved matters and conditions.


The Committee received a verbal Representation from a Resident who made objections, on behalf of the Resident’s Association, including:

·         We are unhappy with the Tree Survey, not all areas were checked, the proposed loss of mature trees is wrong especially during a Climate Emergency

·         Unhappy with lack of representation by Ward Councillors, and political nature of this committee

·         Clarion has a poor record of Tree and hedge management, and we are worried

·         Unhappy with the height and massing of the proposal

·         The density of building in a flood zone is ridiculous

·         89% of residents are unhappy

·         Bathroom provision is not adequate in larger properties


The Committee received a verbal representation from the Applicant, who made points including:

·         The first phase on the estate is already under construction, this proposal will add 179 new homes with 59% social and affordable housing. The estate will be tenure blind and all properties meet or exceed London Standards. The Properties are all built to excellent environmental standards

·         All category A trees will  remain. The removed trees are to be replaced by semi-mature trees

·         The Environment Agency have been consulted with regard to flood issues

·         The development will provide a community Rose Garden and a larger Community Room

·         There has been Community Engagement throughout  the design process


In reply to the Objectors comments the Senior Estate Planning Officer made

comments including:

·         The applicant has engaged with the Council’s tree officer regarding the removal of the mature trees on Morden Road. They are to be replaced with semi-mature trees and additional trees are to be planted to increase the total number of trees by 68, and so is considered acceptable

·         The Density and Massing of the Proposal was previously accepted in the outline application

·         There were conditions in the outline application, previously allowed, to mitigate flood risk

·         There was initial concern from the Environment Agency, but floor plans were amended to meet their requirements


The Chair made the point that the Planning Committee was Quasi-Judicial and that Committee members were not politically whipped, it was for each Member to make their own decision on each item


A member queried the likelihood of flood events and the fact that the applicant stated the flood zone would go from 3 to 1. The Senior Estate Planning Officer  replied:

·         The floor levels of proposed homes originally showed an increase in flood depth offsite onto Morden Road and initial concerns were raised by the Environment Agency and the Councils Flood Risk Officer.

·         The applicant was asked to provide revised floor levels which would demonstrate that the flood levels would not increase flood depth offsite. This has subsequently been provided and reviewed by the Environment Agency and Council Officers have recommend approval on that basis.


A Members asked why it was necessary to remove the mature trees on Morden Road. The Senior Estate Planning Officer replied that the mature trees on Morden Road are not logically placed and need to be replaced to allow the new houses to move forward. It makes sense to replace these trees with more, logically placed semi-mature trees.


Members made comments including:

·         Whilst I accept that Gingko Trees are very good at reducing pollution, they are not an attractive tree and are slow growing. I would urge the applicant to review the removal of the mature trees and either keep or replace with something beautiful.

·         I note that DRP gave the proposal a Green , and do feel that overall it is commendable




The Committee voted to GRANT approval of reserved matters and conditions.


Supporting documents: