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Agenda item

Clarion Housing Group: Regeneration

Presentation by Clarion Housing followed by Q&A


The Chair welcomed and thanked Paul Quinn,Director of Merton Regeneration for Clarion Housing, for facilitating today’s visits to the three regeneration sites. The Councillors all found it extremely useful and informative.


Paul Quinn gave the following updates with regards to the regeneration sites;


·         Eastfields– Clarion will be submitting the planning application for 197 homes just after Christmas. These are earmarked for the existing community, with 330 families to rehouse in total. Community centre and Energy centre. Underground refuse system at Eastfields and High Path estates.


·         Ravensbury- Ravensbury Live web browser. Sustainable drainage system. Community centre. First new homes completed around June 2020. Phases 2-4 submitted for November Planning Committee.


·         High Path – Extensive study of the local area, what design features work well. Phase 1 underway building over 134 homes, construction are on site with completion expected in 18-20 months. All entrances will be designed the same irrespective of social or private housing tenants.


The Chair then invited speakers to share their views on the regeneration plans;


·         Cypren Edmunds, High Path Residents Association - Residents feel there has been a lack of transparency. No residents were part of the discussion of the financial model or consultation. Raynsford review reflects this kind of disenfranchisement. Fire doors installed a year ago have recently been replaced due to not being fit for purpose. There needs to be an overhaul of the financial offer or residents will be penalised.


·         Eve Cohen – Lack of toilet and bathroom provision in High Path. 3 and 4 bedroom properties only have one toilet. Sanitary provision has improved through the years, why can it not continue to improve? Will private properties feature en-suite plus extra provision? Although it is too late for High Path phases 1 and 2, can more consideration be given to phases 3 and 4?


·         Sara Sharp – Issue with heights Currently High Path is an island and it needs to be stitched back into the fabric of the street and community. Consultation has not been wide enough. Should have been designed as a whole - Residents don’t know what phase 3 will look like. There is a push from Government for better quality – there should not be a divide and materials should be equal for social housing and luxury/private homes.


Paul Quinn responded to the speakers comments;


·         We are building some of the most energy efficient properties in South London. They are insulated well, air tight, part of the district heat network and there will be underfloor heating in every home.

·         Residents offer is key. Clarion made considerable effort to consult and the resident offer has been well received.

·         With regards to bathrooms, we are working to National Design Standards.

·         The tallest building we have is ten storeys.

·         We are knitting High Path back into the surrounding area. We undertook a space syntax which indicated people walk around High Path, not through it. We have planned a much more accessible estate.

·         Fire safety – We are responding to legislation and anticipating the outcome of the Hackett review/report. One of the lead contributors to that review is the Senior EM at PR Architects who are advising us with our designs.


In response to Panel Members questions, Paul Quinn replied;


·         Considerable effort to ensure all homes are of the same quality and space standards. Design code and masterplan are sacrosanct to guarantee all later phases refer back to the earlier phases.

·         We have undergone extension consultation including drop-ins, workshops and letters. Digital engagement is being utilised to reach further.

·         Consultation has enabled us to understand residents’ concerns and this is reflected in the home offer. The Ravensbury Design Consultation also led to design nuances.

·         Incredibly important that we work in partnership with the Council and consider that there is always room to improve. There have been many frustrations over slow moving work and processes.

·         We have an interest in regenerating neighbourhoods – the focus right now is on the Morden and Wimbledon regenerations, but we see that Mitcham has great potential for regeneration also.

·         All the projects are taken to the Design Review Panel.


Paul Quinn was thanked for attending.