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Agenda item

Business Plan Update 2019-2023


A panel member asked how saving ENV1819-02 (Parking Services) is low risk and low impact. The Director of Environment and Regeneration replied that an old system is currently used and procurement is about to take place of a newer system that will produce virtual parking permits and be more reliable and efficient.

A panel member asked if the reduction of two time staff is viable given the previous discussions around the Air Quality work. The Director of Environment and Regeneration responded that these will be back office staff, not parking enforcement.

A panel member asked for an elaboration on the assumptions made for the figures in ENV1819-03 (Parking Services). The Director of Environment and Regeneration explained it is an estimate and likely to be different in reality. We applied an increase to the volume of transactions and deflated by at least 20% to reflect the change in behaviour.

Councillor Daniel Holden requested, given the previous agenda item, to formally move that this increase in tax be scrapped and Cabinet find an alternative solution. This was seconded by Councillor Nick Mclean. Two vote in favour, five against and one abstention. Motion fell.

A panel member enquired about the reduction in pay and display machines meters. Director of Environment and Regeneration replied that with over 50% of transactions completed via Ringo and the panned further shift towards digital payments, taking out the redundant machines will have no impact.

A panel member asked the Head of Housing Needs, what changed so that CH57 saving could be replaced? The Head of Housing Needs explained that alternative savings were found via housing related support/floating support. With the introduction of the Homelessness Reduction Act and an increase in Houses of Multiple Occupation, the original saving was unachievable without impacting the discharge of these functions.

A panel member commented that the alternative savings of CH35/36 seemed a large amount. The Head of Housing Needs replied that it is one they are confident they can achieve without an impact to vulnerable service users.

The Panel agreed to extend the meeting until 22:30.

The Director of Corporate Services drew the Panels attention to the Service Plans.

A panel member asked about SLWP 2022/23. The Director of Environment and Regeneration explained this recognises the life cycle of wheelie bins.

A panel member asked why so much will be spent on Mitcham when it has already been regenerated. The Assistant Director of Sustainable Communities explained the amount is a provisional allocation for future works.

A panel member requested to know what happened to reducing the fleet vehicles by 10% and using the money saved on capital spend on trees. Director of Environment and Regeneration explained it was considered by Cabinet but not accepted. Cabinet recognised the benefits of this proposal but felt it would generate additional maintenance costs.

A panel member queried why Christmas parking is not mentioned in the savings. The Director of Corporate Services clarified that it doesn’t have a specific budget. The Director of Environment and Regeneration is still waiting for the analysis to be concluded but could bring it to a future meeting.


Panel to receive Christmas Parking analysis at future meeting.


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