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Agenda item

Final Accounts 2017/18


The External Auditors presented their report, advising the Committee that, subject to discussion at the meeting, the audit had now been concluded and if agreed, the accounts would be signed the following day. The External Auditor outlined two unadjusted audit differences as mentioned in the report, however noted that they agreed with the Director of Corporate Service that these were not material to the accounts. The External Auditor also highlighted the amendments that had been made to the asset values following the audit of the property, plant and equipment balance.


The External Auditor had also made four other observations and advised the Committee that they were content with the responses they had received from officers on these.


The External Auditor gave an overview of the final fees, which had been agreed with the Director of Corporate Services, and also advised on an additional three recommendations which had been made, noting they were happy with the management response and would be looking at actions for 2018/19, with a meeting planned with the Finance department in early December.


In response to member questions, the External Auditor advised that the additional fees reflected the additional work which had been undertaken due to the issues which had been reported, however if the suggested actions were implemented, this should not re-occur for the 2018/19 accounts and External Audit were working closely with officers on the 18/19 accounts.


The Committee expressed that this should not re-occur, and were assured in response to further questions that there was sufficient resource to complete the work required.


In response to further questions to the issues arising on property, plant and equipment, the External Auditor advised that a more granular approach had been taken this year which had found the material errors which led to adjustments being made. The External Auditor also advised that the £9,000 spend responding to a member of the public was in relation to questions they asked about the Council’s transaction with the Elim Church. The auditor had determined no issues with that transaction in relation to the questions asked by the member of the public.



1. That Committee approved the audited Statement of Accounts, including the

Group Accounts and the Pension Fund Accounts (Appendix 2), subject to any

further comments from the External Auditor.

2. That Committee noted any comments made by the Pensions Fund Advisory Panel regarding the Pension Fund Accounts.

3. That Committee noted EY’s Audit Results Report (Appendix 4) for the Pension Fund accounts under the International Standard on Auditing (ISA) 260.

4. That Committee noted EY’s Audit Results Report (Appendix 3) for the Statement of Accounts under the ISA 260.

5. That the Chair signed the Statement of Responsibilities for the Statement of

Accounts (Appendix 2).

6. That the Chair signed Letters of Representation (Appendices 3 and 4) for the Statement of Accounts and Pension Fund Accounts.


Supporting documents: