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Agenda and draft minutes

Venue: Raynes Park Library

Contact: Consultation and Community Engagement Team 

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Welcome and Introductions


The meeting was held in Raynes Park Library Hall, and chaired by Councillor Eloise Bailey with Nigel Ware from the Raynes Park Association (RPA). More than 40 residents attended, as well as five other Merton Councillors, and officers from the council and its partners.


Open forum

An opportunity to raise any other issue of local interest not covered elsewhere on the agenda. Kindly email your request in advance of the meeting to: and


A3 street lights at Shannon Corner not working since end of Feb. Who responsible?

UPDATE post meeting: TfL maintains the A3 at Shannon Corner and this includes all the high mast lighting that is currently out.  We have notified TfL via their website, highlighting that the high mast lighting on their network is not in light a few times already.

Street cleaning – street cleaning not in relation refuse collection but collection is creating litter.

Tennis for free scheme Saturday 10-12 at Joseph Hood; 1-3 at Tamworth Rec users being charged by Idverde. Cllr Fairclough said free tennis had been proposed at Council last night, but administration said collection of charges were contractual. Merton Council has agreed to look at the option for an annual pass.

Air pollution – Merton Council needs to take faster and further action, they have agreed to enforce anti-idling, through no idling zones and through re-tendering the enforcement contract.


Police Update

Update on staffing levels and other local matters


PC John Donnellan and PCSO Cushing from Raynes Park Safer Neighbourhood Team provided an update on local policing and community safety issues. Two new officers will be starting, one in Raynes Park and one in Cannon Hill, by Christmas

The raw chicken being left on streets has been analysed and was not poisonous. Video recording online of someone dumping chicken has been pursued and the driver has been fined for littering.

Theft of number plates has been an issue in the area. SNTs have anti vandal screws to give out so you can protect your car.

The SNT conducted a joint operation with Trading Standards looking at construction work in homes in Raynes Park

Reports of aggressive begging at the station and Waitrose are being looked into.

A number of fraud scams have been taking place in the area including:

           ‘Facebook’ fraud message to say they had won a prize and asked for cash up front to release.

           Dating sites where partner asks for money

           Call from ‘bank’ asking for personal details as they say they have detected a fraud on your account

           Door-to-door salesman says they are from contractor down the road but then cause damage in works before asking for extra cash and then disappearing.

           HMRC tax fraud phone calls

           Banks don’t ask for personal details by email or phone. If you are approached go to your branch for clarification

For information on the latest scams taking place please see


Residents asked a number of questions to the officers.

Q: There have been reports Amazon deliveries being stolen from outside houses, what action should residents take?

A: Please report via 999 if you see them or 101 after the event 

Q: Is it possible to carry out speed checks on Copse Hill?

A: Contact local SNT (Village). There was a speed operation in Cambridge Road some years ago. Resources depend on demand.

A: discussion took place about a Travellers incursion on Bushey Road where the site was broken into and owner had to negotiate with Travellers to get them to leave. The Travellers have left considerable fly tipping and one traveller was arrested for assault. PC Donnellan explained that breaking a lock is criminal damage but unless there is evidence as to who did it there is no chance of prosecution. There is a risk of this group or another returning to the site so best bet is to install additional barriers to prevent vehicles accessing the site. Vehicles can also be reported if carrying waste illegally or do not have insurance/MOT.


Planning Update

Neil Milligan, Planning update from Merton Council


Neil Milligan, Building and Development Control Manager at Merton Council provided an update on local planning issues.


Pinch point south of railway station: A land transfer from Network Rail to Merton Council has been granted. The Council will put together plans for improving the junction.


557 Kingston Road, Dundonald Church 17/P0763: New church with flats above. The decision letter issued and S106 signed but no progress on site.


559-589 Kingston Road – Manuplastics and land to the west. Two new applications now submitted:

           19/P1675 enlargement of approved dwellings at eastern end of site

           19/P1676 additional floor on block alongside railway embankment

Both schemes are likely to have to go to the Planning Applications Committee.


South side of Wyke Road 17/P0609: Construction of three apartment blocks (two three-storey blocks and one four-storey block containing 10 x 1 bedroom flats.

Permission was refused, but no sign of an appeal yet.


Rainbow Industrial Estate: work has begun on the commercial area and an application has been submitted for a Certificate of Lawfulness pertaining to implementation. It will be some time before the ‘kiss and ride’ area for the station drop-off will be constructed.


80-86 Bushey Road 16/P1317: Major retail/food and drink development. Unoccupied buildings demolished – Pets at Home retained. No obvious building activity.

19/P1390 a new pre-app for approx. 700 dwellings in blocks with 3,600sqft commercial floorspace.


32-34 Bushey Road 18/P2619: Scheme for 32 flats approved by Planning Committee, but discussions on affordable housing are ongoing.

641 Kingston Road, former Railway Pub south of railway embankment in Raynes Park, 18/P2207: Permission has been granted for 9 flats above and the section 106 has been agreed, but no work has taken place so far.


Transmitter mast site on Blenheim Road 19/P2673: A planning application has been received with significant objections and member interest. As a result, this may be considered by the Planning Applications Committee.


Residents asked a number of questions to Neil:

Q: Why are planning representations no longer being listed online?

A: GDPR complaints were coming in about personal details being published online and ICO was looking into this. We are looking at alternative solutions, with new IT or email if possible.

Q: Access to Bushy Road site through Edna Road

A NM – will have looked at access as part of application but the owner of the site who was in attendance pointed out that there would be no car parking on the site

Q: How many representations have been received for the Tesco site and when will it go to Planning Applications Committee?

A: Will need to check on numbers. We are still negotiating so not ready to go to PAC yet, but possibly November.

Q: Police using café on Edna Road leaving engine running

A: Can pass on.

Q: What are the policies on converting housing into flats?

A: There are detailed requirements on what is acceptable which makes this type of conversion difficult to do in properties like those in  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Climate Emergency

Katie Halter, Merton Council’s Climate Change Officer will talk about the response to the Climate Emergency Declaration and how residents can get involved.


Katie Halter, Climate Officer for Merton Council informed residents about the Climate Emergency unanimously declared by the Council in July.


The declaration requires the borough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Data from National Statistics indicate that Merton was responsible for emitting over half a million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2018. Gas and electricity used in Merton's buildings, and the use of petrol and diesel transport were mainly responsible; although the greenhouse emissions estimated could potentially double if you include activities outside of Merton by residents, such as flying.


There are three specific commitments in declaration

1.         Specific dates to reduce emissions – Merton Council carbon neutral by 2030; the borough as a whole by 2050. This means 12% annual reduction to achieve this, which implies the decarbonisation of around 3000 properties, improved a year and 2,500 of the 75,000 petrol and diesel cars registered in Merton will need to be replaced by electric or active travel per year.

2.         Create a Climate Emergency Action Plan by March 2020

3.         Create a Climate Emergency Working group to gather evidence and ideas, which will contribute to the formation of the Action Plan.


For more information on the Climate emergency declaration, please see:  


Residents asked about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions produced when making new cars and Katie explained that the petrol used when driving a car with massively outweigh the energy what goes into producing the car . A resident was concerned about the ability of the electricity grid to sustain electricity demand at peak time with the move to electric vehicles. Katie said that the electric grid was now 25% renewable and this is increasing. Solutions could include micro generation like solar panels on homes. A resident also commented that the Merton Council fleet is mainly diesel and buses are as bad. There was also a need for electric charging points. Katie said the Council has a lot of work to do to green up their fleet but it is only 0.01% of vehicles in borough. The Council will work with TfL to move to green buses and lorries but this is still only 4% of traffic in the borough.


Katie set out how residents could get involved

              Individual choices are critical – especially energy use, diet, and travel. Sustainable Merton has a helpful checklist

              Community Projects – the Council would like to support setting them up or hearing about them

              Climate action plan – please get involved in the consultation on the action plan when it begins, we welcome new ideas

              Climate Strike protests tomorrow – national policies have a huge impact so welcome pressure on politicians.

              Solar Power Together leaflets – run by Mayor of London – they have vetted solar panel providers through collective bargaining power. Depending on how many sign up they will agree a supplier who will conduct a survey and agree a final price. Last year got 35% discount and they had good feedback on installations.


Parking Charges

Update from Councillor Anthony Fairclough


Cllr Fairclough update on the changes to parking charges discussed at the Community Forum meeting in March.

The Cabinet had agreed to the new charges in July, but this was ‘called-in’ by Lib Dem and Conservative councillors. The decision was considered by the Overview and Scrutiny Commission August who agreed that Equalities rules were not followed so that Cabinet should reconsider their decision. The Council spoke to additional equalities groups and revised its impact assessment. Cabinet then reconsidered the decision in September but again decided to proceed with the changes. These will come in following a Traffic Management Order process.


Any other business


A Farmers Market has begun at Wimbledon Chase School every other Sunday but there is still no agreement yet for a site in Raynes Park.


Residents are encouraged to have their say in the annual Safer Merton Consultation as this helps set the priorities for the year ahead.


Date of next meeting

Future date for the Raynes Park Community Forum:


Thursday 5 December 2019 Cllr Pauline Cowper

Tuesday 31 March 2020 Cllr Adam Bush


Councillor Bailey thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting.